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lower train berth lowering of the flags ceremony luang phabang luang prabang luang prabang in central laos luang prabang on mekong river lucky cleaners and laundry luggage luis castillo luis castillo hit lumber lunch lupton lupton red rocks macau ferry machine madhya pratesh madusalon san francisco mae hong son mae jo university mae jo university field mae perm mae sa mae sae mae sai magazine mahal maharaja jai singh ii maharishi mahesh yogi ashram mahidol road mahoot mai sai mai sai religion maid of the mist mail woman mailwoman main stage main street main street of america making roads mala beads malabar coast malaka river malaysia mall mamade object man man bathing man beggar man beggin at dambulla in sri lanka man begging man begging at dambulla man begging at dambulla in sri lanka man begging in sri lanka man carrying basket man holding buddhas man holding souvenirs man holding statues man in snow man in trees man made object man on scuba boat man playing drums man polishing gem man reading man relaxing man selling buddhas man selling flutes man selling flutes in potgul vihara man selling flutes in potgul vihara in sri lanka man selling flutes in sri lanka man selling souvenirs man selling statues man serving chapatis man serving food man sitting man sitting graffiti man sitting in front of dagoba man sitting in front of dagoba on adam's peak man sitting in front of dagoba on adam's peak in sri lanka man sleeping man smiling man smoking man squatting man standing man sweeping man walking man watering dirt man working managua mandala manhattan manhattan municipal building manhattan park manhattan tram tower manhattan. east side manhattan manhole cover manikoot shrine manmade manmade object manmade object door manmade object sign manmade objects manmade sign manual map marble inlay marble inlay workers marching band marijuana holiday marimba marimba concert marimba players marin county marin county california marin county hike marin headlands markers market market street san francisco markets maryland mascot mask flower jar masks masonic avenue fire masonic avenue san francisco masonic avenue san franciscos masonic temple mass massage parlor mat matale matale in sri lanka matele matele in sri lanka material mathematics master mats matt's house mattress mauerpark maui maui coast maui road maui shore maui sunset maui sunset cruise maui volcano mausoleum mayan mayan archaeological site mayan city mayan ruins mayan temple maybelline billboard mcafee coliseum mclean mclean texas mcleod ganj mcleod ganj bus terminal mcleod ganj guesthouse mcleod ganj square me me laying down meadow river lumber company meadow river lumber company locomotive 1 meal measurements mechanical museum medicine bottle medicine vial meditate meditating meditation meditation beach meditation center meditation dome meditation domes meditation hall meditation room meeks meeks'hallway megaapartment building megaphone megaphones mehtab bagh mekong river mekong river in central laos melaka memorial memorial to the murdered jews of europe memory cards men men eating men fish vendor men men waiting men on tractor men picnicking men repairing dagoba men repairing ruvanvelisaya dagoba men repairing ruvanvelisaya dagoba in sri lanka men sitting men standing men walking men working mengrai menu merced river merchandise merchant metal corrugated tin metal tape measure meter box metroid metroid nintendo game metropolitan transportation authority mets mets and seattle mets and yankees mets at shea stadium mets home run apple metswillets point mexican blankets mexico miami miami south beach michigan mickey mouse microphones mics middletown new york midtown manhattan midtown new york city mihintale mihintale ancient city mihintale in sri lanka mikes milford milford beach mill valley california mill valley tourist club california mill valley tourist club door mina de plata minaret minarets miners minnesota twins miraflores locks mirror mirza ghiyas beg mission and sycamore sand francisco mission street san francisco missouri mist mister redlegs misty mixed use affordable rates moat model modeling modem moghul emperor humayun molotov cocktails mom monastery money monk monk alms procession monk alms procession religion monk bowing monk buying ticket monk carrying books monk holding alms basket monk holding alms bowl monk holding alms pouch monk home monk in sri lanka monk kneeling monk living space monk phra joy monk praying monk procession monk sitting monk student monk students monk teacher monk uses camera to get energy monk walking monk with folded handed. monk sitting monk with hand buried in robe monk's robes monkey monkey bars monks monks debating monks field trip monks in a row monks in rain monks meditating monks sitting monks standing monks studying monks walking monks with folded hands monks' feet monsoon monsoon rains monster graffiti montara monument moon moonlight moonlight garden moonlight on tree moonlight pavilion moonraker mop morning mosaic moserbaer mosque mosque bulb mosque dome moss motel mother mother's apartment motion motion blur motorcycle motorcycle ride in countryside motorcycle ride in countryside in sri lanka motorcycle ride in sri lanka motorcycle rider motorcycles motorcyclist motorgate garage roosevelt island motorgate metalwork motorgate roosevelt island motorgate roosevelt island metalwork motorgate traffic circle mound mount batur mount olive mount olive illinois mountain mountain in sri lanka mountain sunrise mountain view mountains mountains patong mouse graffiti mouse skull graffiti movement movie collection movies moving chairs moving escalator moving light mta mta bus mud muddy water muddy work mug mughal mughal architecture mughal archtiecture mughal emperor humayun mughal emperor shah jahan multipleunit commuter railcar mumatz mumbai mumtaz mahal munchies cafe munger moss motel muni ki reta muni ki reti munich municipal art society mural murra musee mecanique museum museum of the ho chin min campaign music music consort music gallery music school musical instrument musical note birds musicians muslim mustache my shadow myanaar myanmar naan naddi naddi india naga heads nah trang namaste cafe nandin hall nandin hall monument nandin hall reconstruction nandin hall rennovation nandin hall renovation nandin hall restoration napoopoo lighthouse narayana spa nate mclouth national beer national championship league series national japanese american memorial to patriotism in world war ii national league championship series national league division series national mall national mall washington dc national park nationals nationals 2011 home opener nationals park nature nature and humanity together nature trees navajo navajo arizona nayo nayo's house ncls 7 ncls game 3 necklace necklaces necklaces. negi house neon neon pitcher neon sign neon signs neptunbrunnen statue neptune fountain nes nes console nes games net network associates coliseum neumarkt neumarkt ubahn stop nevada falls new console new delhi new jersey new kirk new kirk new mexico new mexico new mexico us 66 new roosevelt island tram new roosevelt island trams new yankee stadium new yankee stadium from home new yankee stadium from left field new yankee stadium from right field new york new york chicago and st. louis new york chicago and st. louis locomotive 514 new york city new york city hall new york city observation deck new york city subway new york city supreme court new york city view new york giants new york mets new york yankees newport kentucky ngam muang nha trang niagara falls niagara maid of the mist nicaragua nicaraguan farmer nicaraguan home nieuwe rotterdam night night lantern night sky nimman road nimmanhaemin road nintendo nintendo console nintendo entertainment center nintendo entertainment system nintendo entertainment system games nintendo game system nintendo games nintendo wii niwas asthan nizamuddin nlds fans no name cafe no parking sign no trespassing by banksy no trespassing street art noodle sausages north holland northern california northern nicaragua northern thailand norwood and st lawrence norwood and st lawrence locomotive 210 not a through road note books note pads notebooks notepads notes notleymere cottage novato california nqr sign nueva segovia nueva segovia mountains nur jahan nuremberg castle nurse nurse graffiti nyc and st. l nyc and st. l locomotive 514 nypd coliseum oakland oakland art murmur. oakland as oakland athletics oakland california oakland cathedral oakland cathedral cross oakland cathedral window oakland coliseum oakland coliseum from behind home oakland coliseum from center field oakland coliseum from right field oasis restaurant obama sticker occupy wall street ocean ocotal octopus graffiti octopussy island offering offering for sunrise offerings offerings at wat phra singh office office building office building windows ohio ohio river oil drum oil pump oil valves oklahoma oklahoma us 66 old books old bricks used bricks old cadillac old car old chiang mai old courthouse old film effect old gas pump old glass bottle old glass vial old mattress old medicine bottle old medicine vial old roosevelt island tram old school effect old st. louis courthouse old town panama city old tree old vial old wheel oldtimey om om anand swami om anand swami international yoga academy om door om session omega window onion onion bulb onion plants onions ontario open air galley open door open film open film memory cards open window opening ceremony opera house chairs orange balloon orange bedroom orange cones orange door orange hot air balloon orange kitchen orange room orange walls orchard organic finca organic plantation orient themed shop oriental rugs orioles orioles 2012 season ornaments ostallgau bavaria outdated computer hardware outdated computer manuals outdated computer parts outdated manuals outdated pc manuals outhouse outside of shea stadium outside walkway overnight overpass overpasses coliseum p.s. 217 pacific pacific coast pacific coast highway pacific missouri pacific ocean packaged fruit pad thai paddling paddy hat padlock page street san francisco pagoda pai pai lookout point paint brush paint can paint cans painted bricks painted face painted window painting painting 5 pointz painting class pairs of glasses pakistanindia border palace palace complex palenque palenque observation tower palenque temple of the inscriptions palenque tower palm palm tree palm trees palms panama panama canal panama canal railroad panama city panama city carnival panama city casca viejo panama city old town panning panorama panoramr panorma pants papad papadam paper paper box paperback paperback book papers pappadum paraglider paragliding parcel packing service park park entrance parking garage parking lot party pashmina shawls passageway passenger passengers passport pastel house pastries pasture path path bhagsu waterfall path pathway paths pathway pattern pattern cityscape patterned floor patterned sidewalk patterned walkway patterns pavilion paving stones pay phone pay telephone pc manuals peace peace corp volunteer peace sign peace symbol peaceful heart by banksy peaceful heart street art pennant pennants pennsylvania pennsylvania state park pennybacker bridge pentagon pentagon 911 memorial pentagon memorial people people in line people laying people laying down people on bridge people on roof people reclining people sitting people street singer people waiting people. person people. sunrise people. walking people. water people. woman pepper pepsi pepsi cola pepsi sign performer performers performing perhentian island persian rug factory person person walking pescadero petaluma california peterskirche petrified forest national park petrified forest national park route 66 monument petronas towers pha trom chai viewpoint pha trom chai. khao yai national park phanon rung historical park phat tich phat tich gate phat tich in vientiane phat tich temple phillips 66 gas station phillips 66 sign phimai phimai historical park phnom penh phone phone booth photo concept photo concepts photo concpets photo lab photo objects photo service photographers photographers standing photographers waiting phra buddhasaiyart phra joy phra thad doy wao pagoda phra ubosot phrao road phuket piazza picadilly circus picking corn picnic picnic under bridge pier pier 20 alley san francisco pier 20 alleyway san francisco pier 20 san francisco pier 30 san francisco pier 39 pierce brosnan piercoit tower piercy california pig napkin holder pigeon point hostel pigeon point light station pigeon point lighthouse pigeons piggy disc holder piggy holder pilgrim's inn pilgrims pilgrims in line pillow pillow case pillowcase pillows pine cones pine cones on sticks pine tree pine trees pinecones pinecones on sticks pines ping river pink and white wallpaper pink bedroom pink city of india pink house pink room pink side room pink sky pink walls pinnacles national forest pipe pipes pit pita pitcher pittsburgh pittsburgh pirates plane plane window plane wing plant plantation planter planters plants plants in vases plate plate of food plates play players playground playground equipment playing playing guitars plaza plow pluto pnc park pnc park from center field pnc park from right field po lin monastery poem poetry point montara point montara hostel point montara lighthouse point of india point reyes light point reyes light station point reyes lighthouse point reyes national seashore pointed hat pointed roof pointed rooftop polarized pole poles police boat 813 police car polished floor polisher polishing gem polishing machine polonnaruwa quadrangle in sri lanka pond pondicherry pontiac pooja pool pop culture pop culture teeshirts popcorn porch pork and rice pork noodle soup port port authority bus terminal postal worker postcard shot poster posters postit notes postprocessed posts pot potable water potato chips potatoes potgul vihara potgul vihara in sri lanka potrero hill san francisco pots potsdamer platz potted plants power box power cables power cables against sky power line power line towers power lines power plant power pole power poles power poles architecture power poles. home power switch pozo prakesh prasat prasat hin muang tam prasat hin phanom rung prasat muang tam prasat phanom rong pray prayer prayer beads prayer candle prayer cave prayer ceremony prayer flags prayer message prayer necklaces prayer things prayers prayers at white temple praying praying buddhist praying to buddha preacher preaching preah khan pregame pregnant apartment pregnant apartment building prem bab cleanup day prem baba price prison procession of monks produce progressive field prop jets propane gas tank protest protestant protesters public advocate for the city of new york puddle puducherry pueblo of laguna pueblo of laguna new mexico puja pun restaurant punjab purple door purple night washington dc purple sky purple walls pusapatirega quadrangle queens queensboro bridge quicken loan arena quintana roo r.a. dickey ra dickey radio city radio city music hall radio tower radisson in austin raft rafters rafting camping trekking rail car rail station rail way tracks railcar railcars railing railings railroad railroad car railroad cars railroad crossing sign railroad track railroad tracks railroad tracks in galle railroad tracks in galle sri lanka railroad tracks in sri lanka rails railway railway car railway clock tower railway station railway track railway tracks railway train station rain rain caboose rainbow rainbow bridge rainbow in waterfall rainy intersection rainy road rainy season rainy street raised cabin raised log cabin raised walkway rajasthan ram jhula ram jhula bridge ramkamhaeng ramp rana guest house rare female boat captain rare woman boat captain rasterisation rasterised rasterized rat graffiti rat skull graffiti ratchadamnoen road rave rays rays of light reading lines reading lines locomotive 902 reading reclining rebar reclining buddha red and white fleet red and white fleet san francisco bay cruise red bus red carpet red curry red curry and rice red door red fans red fort red fort market red light district red rocks red shirt rally red soda red soda offering red white and blue red window redwood redwoods redwoods framed by pines reflected light reflecting light reflecting pool reflection reflection in bowl reflection in glasses reflection in globes reflection in headlight reflection in hub cap reflection in mirror reflection in ornaments reflection in water reflection in window reflection in windows reflection of light on water reflection of lights reflection of person reflection of sunset reflection on pavement reflection on water reflective alms bowl reflective floor refrigerated case refurbished school bus regio train regional train station reichstag reichstag building relaxing release of lanterns relection in water religion religious ceremony religious ritual relpics republic of guatemala republic of honduras republic of india republic of nicaragua republic of panama reserva natural meseta tiseyestanzuela residential complex restaurant restaurant counter restaurant door revolutionary graffiti rfk stadium ribbon ribbons rice rice field rice fields rice fields in sri lanka rice fields of tissamaharama rice fields of tissamaharama in sri lanka rice hat rice paddy rice terrace rice terraces rice worker riding riding bicycle riding bike riding escalator riding escalotor riding horse right field right field at comerica park right field at shea stadium rings rings for sale rio azul belize riot ripples in sand rishikesh ritchie's archipelago river river bank river beach river raft river rhine river road roosevelt island river thames river view cottages riverbank rivercross apartment building roosevelt island rivercross apartment complex roosevelt island rivercross apartments roosevelt island rivers riverside riverside roosevelt island riverton riverton kansas rivets rivets in stairway road road sign roads robert f. kennedy memorial stadium robes robot skyscraper rock rock carving rock formation rock ledges rock pile rock plantation rock stairs rock steps rock wall rock walls rockefeller center rockefeller grover california rocking rocks rocks ledges rocky bluff rocky cliff rocky mountainside roger moore rogers centre romak iron works roman catholic roman catholic cathedral roof roof line roof line. windows roof slates roof tiles roof tops roofline roofs rooftop rooftop buddha rooftop restaurant rooftops room roosevelt island roosevelt island bridge roosevelt island housing complex roosevelt island lighthouse park roosevelt island p.s. 217 roosevelt island red bridge roosevelt island tram roosevelt island tram landing roosevelt island tram plaza roosevelt island tram rescue roosevelt island tram station roosevelt island tram tower roosevelt island trams roosevelt island westview apartment roosevelt island roots roots tree roots rope rope barrier rope in hole rotary snowplow round skyscraper round windows roundabout route 66 route 66 logo route 66 monument route 66 motel route 66 motel sign row houses roy's cafe roy's motel royal palace rug rugs ruin ruins ruins of sigria ruins of sigria in sri lanka running running water rural rural area rural road rust rusted rusted doors rusted train rusting car rusty rusty fence rusty lighthouse rusty shower head rusty wheel ruvanvelisaya dagoba ruvanvelisaya dagoba in sri lanka rye s igns sack sadhu safari sai ngam banyan tree sai yoga centre sail boat sailboat saint thomas episcopal church saint thomas episcopal church new york city salad sale salvage yard samadhi buddha samadhi buddha in anuradhapura samadhi buddha in anuradhapura sri lanka samosas san cristobal san cristobal church san cristobal de la casas san cristobal yellow church san francisco san francisco 1060 philadelphia streetcar san francisco 1060 philadelphia trolley san francisco 1060 streetcar san francisco 1060 trolley san francisco 1075 heritage streetcar san francisco 1075 heritage trolley san francisco 1076 dc transit streetcar san francisco 1076 dc transit trolley san francisco 1076 streetcar san francisco 1076 trolley san francisco 1076 washington dc streetcar san francisco 1076 washington dc trolley san francisco 1815 milan italy trolley san francisco 1815 streetcar san francisco 1815 trolley san francisco 1818 milan italy streetcar san francisco 1818 milan italy trolley san francisco 1818 streetcar san francisco 1818 trolley san francisco 1859 milan italy streetcar san francisco 1859 milan italy trolley san francisco 1859 streetcar san francisco 1859 trolley san francisco 1938 livery streetcar san francisco 1938 livery trolley san francisco 420 celebration san francisco 49ers san francisco bay san francisco bay area san francisco bay bridge san francisco botanical garden san francisco city hall san francisco cleveland ohio streetcar san francisco cleveland ohio trolley san francisco colibri san francisco dc transit streetcar san francisco dc transit trolley san francisco department of parking and transportation manhole cover san francisco diva hotel san francisco downtown san francisco dreamy supermoon san francisco f 1815 trolley san francisco f 1859 streetcar san francisco f 1859 trolley san francisco f milan italy streetcar san francisco f milan italy trolley san francisco f streetcar san francisco f trolley san francisco ferry building san francisco full moon san francisco giants san francisco giants 2010 home opener san francisco heritage streetcar san francisco heritage trolley san francisco large moon san francisco livery streetcar san francisco livery trolley san francisco marijuana holiday san francisco milan italy streetcar san francisco milan italy trolley san francisco muni san francisco muni depot san francisco muni power cables san francisco muni trolley bus 12 mission san francisco oakland bay bridge san francisco opera box office door san francisco opera door text san francisco opera house san francisco painted ladies san francisco philadelphia livery streetcar san francisco philadelphia livery trolley san francisco skyline san francisco starbucks coffee san francisco steep hill san francisco supermoon san francisco third street san francisco trolley bus depot san francisco union square plaza hotel san francisco victorian houses san francisco victorian painted ladies san francisco washington dc streetcar san francisco washington dc trolley san francisco weed day san gregorio san jose california san jose office building san juan chamula church san pathong sand sand beach sand dune sand mandala sand rocks sandoval sandwich bar sandy hills sanjay santa cruz santa cruz breakwater lighthouse santa cruz california santa cruz from helicopter santa cruz lighthouse santa cruz mountains santa cruz small craft harbor santa fa new mexico santa fe railroad santa rosa santa rosa new mexico santitham sapa sapa hills sapa valley sara's house satellite satellite dish satellite tower sausages sausalito bay sausalito california sbahn train statin scaffolding scale scanner codes scarf scarves schloss hohenschwangau school school bus school of yoga school. elementary school scooter scoreboard scoreboard at camden yards scoreboard at comerica park scranton scranton hills scranton hills in autumn scranton hills in fall screen door screening pallets screening pallets framed scrub brush scuba boat scuba equipment sculpture sculptures sea sea gull sea ranch california sea ranch sink seagull sean connery searchlights seat seat at comerica park seated bronze buddha seats seaver second avenue manhattan second avenue roosevelt island second most foggy second most windy secret tooth door sedge hat seiling fans self portrait seller selling selling food selling pipes semi semi truck trailer semitruck september 11 2008 september 11th remembrance sequins service station serving utensil seven train sfdpt manhole cover shack shacks shadow shadow lines shadow on wall shadows shah jahan shampoo shamrock shamrock texas shanti lodge shark valley bike trail sharpened shawl shawls shay locomotive shea stadium shea stadium 19642008 shea stadium at field level shea stadium from right field shea stadium home plate shed sheets shelf shell sign shelter shelves drinks bottles shepherd shepherd looking shepherd sitting sheriff's office shining light shiny floor ship ships shirts shiva shiva cafe shiva cave shiva resorts shiva temple shoes shoes outside door shop shop owner shop window shopkeeper shopping shops shovel shower shower head shrek shri guru ramdas niwas shri ram ashram shrine shrubs shwedagon pagoda shwedagon zedi saw si phum siddharth house side of dumpster side of hill side room sidewalk sidharth house siding siem reap siem riep sign sign on road sign post sign. building signs signs in mokok sigria sigria fortress sigria fortress in sri lanka sigria in sri lanka sigria palace sigria palace in sri lanka sigria ruins sigria ruins in sri lanka sikh sikhi sikhism silhouette silhouette against the sky silico creek panama silo silver mine silver temple silverware sing singer singers singing singing bird singing bird graffiti sink sit sitting sitting buddha sitting by pool sitting monks skull n crossbones by banksy skull n crossbones street art sky sky clouds sky reflected in window sky trees skydome skyline skyscraper skyscrapers slate sleeper car sleeper class car sleeping sleeping bag sleeping dog sleeping man slide slight blur slogan sluice smart object smile smile party smiling smiling girl smoke smoke pipe smoke stack smoke stacks smokestack smokestack on boat smokestacks smokestacks at great american ballpark smokey smokey path smokey season smoking snacks snow snow plow snow plow engine snow storm snowflake snowplow snowstorm snowy trees soap soap candles soaps socks soda bottles soda machine soda pop soft drinks soil soldier solola son songkran soons apple orchard soulsby's service station soulsby's station soup south asia south delhi south east asia south holland south manhattan south san francisco southeast asia southern thailand southernmost point continental u.s.a. southetown apartments southtown apartment building roosevelt island southtown apartment complex roosevelt island southtown apartments roosevelt island souvenir buddha souvenir man souvenir man in lanka rama souvenir man in lanka rama in sri lanka souvenir man in sri lanka souvenir statue souvenirs sparks speakers speckled brown floor speckled floor speckled green leaf spider web spiderman spiders spiderweb spigot spiral staircase spire spires spirit city spirit park laos splashing splashing water spoon spoon and bowl sports stadium spray paint art spray paint can spray paint cans sprinkling squatting squatty potty sri gurua ram das sarai sri lanka sri lankan monk st. francis cathedral st. louis st. peter's church stabile tsunami memorial stacked wood stacks of plates stadium stadium lights stage stained glass stained glass windows stainless steel sculpture stair stairs stairs dragon scales stamped passport stamps standing standing in line stanton stanton missouri star burst star trails stars starving buddha state park staten island ferry station statue statue at comerica park statue hands statue of buddha statue of freedom statue of liberty statues statute std ist steam steam engine steam engine wheel steam locomotive steam locomotive wheel steamboat smokestacks at great american ballpark steamtown national historic park steeple step steps stethoscope graffiti sticker still life still life. stilts stone stone building stone carving stone courtyard stone fence stone stairs stone steps stone wall stone walls stones stool stop circumcision stop sign storage media store stores storm stormy stormy himalayas stormy horizon stormy sky stove pipe straw straw broom streamers stree ight stree lamp stree ramp street street art street food market street in mokok street lamp street lamps street light street lights street lights. streetlights street market street musicians street scene street stall streetcar streetlamp streetlight streetlights streets stroud stroud oklahoma studebaker commando student students studio quercus studio quercus tiki show studying stuff in cup stuff in mug stuff in vessel stupa subscriber trunk dialing subway subway sign subway station subway stop sun sun beams sun landscape sun rays sun rise sun salutations sun shining through clouds sun shining through fog sunbeam sunbeams sunbrust sunburst sunburst through leaves sunburst through tree sunday night mass sunday walking market sunday walking street market sunglasse sunlight sunlight reflecting sunny shrine sunrise sunrise on adam's peak sunrise over monk sunrise over rice fields sunrise over rice fields in sri lanka sunrise over rice fields of tissamaharama sunrise over rice fields of tissamaharama in sri lanka sunset sunset at comerica park sunset at shea stadium sunset behind tree sunset border celebration sunset cruise sunset from deck sunset in havelock sunset on beach sunset prayers sunset with bay bridge sunset with golden gate bridge sunset with san francisco oakland bay bridge sunshine super heros super mario bros super mario bros. nintendo game super moon superheros supermoon supplies supreme commander of the armed forces supreme court surf suv swamp swarg niwas temple swastika flag swastikas sweeping sweet sauce on pork and rice swimming pool swing swirl symmetryfork symphony of lights t ta prohm ta prohm ruin table table clothes table cloths tables tableware tachileik tagged tail light taillight taj mahal taking alms taking donations taking picture talking tallest lighthouse tamil nadu tape tape measure tape on window tapestries tapestry tapovan temple tar cart tar pile tarp taxi taxi cabs taxis taylorsouthgate bridge tea fields tea plantation teacher teams technology techron tecnology teepee teeshirt teeshirts teh golden temple guru telegraph hill telephone teleruf television temple temple cave temple complex temple gate temple of the secret tooth door temple of the secret tooth door in kandy temple of the secret tooth door in kandy in sri lanka temple stairs tent tents terrace terrace of leper king terracotta arts tested for safety tex randall texaco gas pump texaco sign texas thai beer thai ganesh staredown thai noodle sausages thai restaurant thailand thailand highest hot springs thailand hot springs thailand international balloon festival thailand teeshirts thali thapae gate thar desert thatched roof the 99 the american book bindery building the bronx the community kitchen the conch republic the encampment the encampment on roosevelt island the flats the golden city the golden temple the golden temple courtyard the golden temple free kitchen the golden temple holy pool the golden temple inn the grog shop the grog shop roosevelt island the grog shop sign the heavenly abode the hulk the jake the love of ganesha the netherlands the oasis cafe the office the tram the world's home theater third avenue thirdeye care this'll look nice when its framed thom sokoloski thoreau thoreau new mexico threads three kings monument through upper deck entrance at comerica park througharch bridge thunder storm thunderstorm tibetan tibetan monk tibetan music school tibetan national martyr's memorial tibetan prayer flags ticket collector ticket stubs tickets tiger tiger with baseball tikal tiki show tiki vase tile tile floor tile roof tile wall tile walls tiled roof tiles tiles in water tiles roof tiles tilted house times square times square wishing wall tin tin fence tin roof tinity church new york city tipi tire tires tisey tissamaharama in sri lanka toilet toilet paper toiletries tomb tool tools top of sigria top of sigria in sri lanka top of the rock observation deck topiary topock topock arizona torch torii hunter torii hunter at bat torn books toronto toronto blue jays tortillas toruism signs torusit agency tour agency tour boat tour bus tourism tourist tourist agency owner tourist brochures tourist flyers tourist information tourist pamphlets tourists towel tower towering buddha towers towers of light town town square towns toy camera effect toy guns toy museum toys track tracks tractor traffic traffic circle traffic cone traffic cones traffic light traffic light button traffic light control traffic lights trail trailer train train berth train cable train caboose train car train cars train engine train engine face train engine wheel train locomotive train locomotive wheel train passenger train passengers train ride train ride through hill of sri lanka train ride through sri lanka train station train station in sri lanka train track train tracks train tracks in galle train tracks in galle sri lanka train tracks in sri lanka train wheel traing station in colombo tram tram cable tram cage rescue tram gears tram landing tram over east river roosevelt island tram plaza tram rescue tram station tram tower tram tracks trams in solitude trance transportaion transportation trash trash and cow trash can trash cans trash compacter trash garbage travel travel road tray treasure island san francisco tree tree by banksy tree graffiti tree growing in ruins tree in ruins tree roots tree street art tree trunk tree trunk in water trees trees in planters trees transportation trek triangle center triangle structure tribe tribute of light tricycle trident trike trinity church trinkets trishul triumphal arch trolley trolley bus trolley bus cables trolley bus depot trolley bus power cables truck trucks tsuglagkhang complex tsunami memento tsunami memorial tub tucumcari tucumcari new mexico tug boat tugboat tuk tuk tuk tuk tuk toys tuk tuks tuk tuks in colombo tuk tuks in colombo sri lanka tuk tuks in srl lanka tulsa tulsa oklahoma tulum tumbala mexico turd of buddha turquoise water turret turret windows tv twin peaks san francisco twins two guns two guns arizona two guns bridge typewriter typying ubahn station udaipur uk umbrella umbrellas umpire umpires un un in new york city un united nations headquarters under brooklyn bridge underwater sand dune unesco union pacific union square area san francisco union square courtyard san francisco union square san francisco united kingdom united mexican states united nations united nations headquarters united staes united states universal yoga unleaded buddha unleaded monks unleavened flatbread untied nations upper bhagsu upper train berth upstate new york us national archives and records administration us route 27 usa utensils utila uttar pradesh uttarakhand uttarpradeshi valencia and 20th san francisco valencia and duboce san francisco valencia street san francisco valley valleys valves van vandalism vang viang vang viang laos vang vieng vanilla ice cream vans varanasi varanasi shoreline vase. vessel vases vats of food vauxhaul vegetable vegetables veggies vending machine vendor vendor selling pipes vendors vernal falls vernal falls rainbow vertical vessel vessels event vial 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